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"...My goal with each client is to match how they look on the outside with how they feel on the inside..."


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Maureen French is an Image Consultant, with over twenty-five years' experience in the fashion industry.

Maureen's goal is to help each of her clients to identify and develop their own unique style. Maureen assists each client in interpreting that style through a thoughtfully selected wardrobe.

Maureen works with both men and women on closet evaluations, wardrobe design, personal shopping, packing, as well as dressing for special events. She collaborates with her clients, so that each and every outfit is a flattering and appropriate reflection of their personality.

Maureen takes each client through a process of editing their closets, defining the image they want to project, and then expressing that through careful selection of beautiful garments. Maureen’s unique 25 year career in the fashion business has given her the understanding of personal style and how that is interpreted for each individual client.

Maureen is also available for professional seminars on the topic of fashion and image management, and can craft a memorable presentation tailored to your company, group or school organization’s interests and focus.

As a wife, mother of twins, fashion columnist and entrepreneur, Maureen understands today's busy lifestyles and is dedicated to helping her clients build confidence in their appearance through wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and special events dressing.

Maureen has offices in Oakland, San Francisco, and Tahoe.



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