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A fitting finale

It’s Saturday morning and I’m totally pooped!  After 8 days and 18 different shows, I am ready to come back to the bay area.  The last 2 days were fun and going to “Project Runway” on Friday morning was a real thril.On Thursday I went to Reem Acra and Custo Barcelona with a shopping trip to Century 21 wedged in between.  Reem Acra was an interesting collection.  A lot of the designs were beaded, bangled and very ornate.  Heavy silks and satins were the fabrics of choice.  The clothing looked oversize on the models.  This is definitely a more “mature” line with an older vibe.  Bright colors were in evidence in teal, electric blue, fuchsia, yellow and orange.  There was a gold dress with pailettes and a pink gown with accordion pleats and an electric blue gown with a long flowing train.  This collection used some sheer organza pieces that seemed to be in every collection.  Overall, I didn’t like this collection as much as some of the others I had seen.The Custo Barcelona show was Thursday evening.  I saw this show last year, and remember being surprised at the use of color and print.  I felt the same this year.  The prints and stripes were intermixed in a way that most people would not wear.  It was effective on the runway because  of the drama.  The menswear was positively outlandish.  There were prints top and bottom.  For women they were showing the much dreaded harem pants, capris no less, over a cropped jacket!  Talk about hard to wear.  There were also some fun dresses in the collection including with bike shorts underneath a la Demi Moore from years ago.  There was a short “carwash” skirt and a light blue short tulle dress with a large black spider applied to the side.  An interesting patchwork dress finished off the collection and kept everyone awake.I left the show to go meet my sisters for dinner, and who do I pass on the street not more than 2 feet away???  SARAH JESSICA PARKER.  I could not believe it.  she is just as tiny as could be in person, in sky high heels and skinny little jeans.  She was talking and walking with a group of 3, most likely on their way to the Zac Posen show perhaps?  I was thrilled with the sighting and could not wait to call everyone.Friday morning was Project Runway.  I got there early in case there was a mob scene.  It paid off as there were throngs waiting outside to catch a glimpse of someone famous.  Once inside, the anticipation was palpable.  Heidi is so pretty and much younger looking in person. Michael Kors was there, and Nina Garcia looked great.  She was just hired as the editor of Marie Claire magazine.  The guest judge had everyone wondering…Jennifer Lopez was scheduled, but hurt her foot and was not able to come.  Tim Gunn stepped in at the last minute to judge.  The six collections were by Jerell, Suede, Joe, Kenley, Korto and Leanne in that order.  I felt like each collection got better as they went on.  I thought that Jerell and Suede had the weakest collections.  Joe’s was really wearable and fun.  Kenley and Korto had really beautiful collections.  The person who really blew me away was Leanne!  She was clearly the crowd favorite and showed last.  her collection was cream and a soft seafoam blue and was almost ethereal in it’s feel.  The construction and technique in this collection was incredible.  Each garment had a variation of these soft folds  that lay down on the piece beautifully.  I thought that she did a great job and she referred to the many hours of lost sleep in the preparation of this line.  Believe me, it showed!  My prediction is that she will win the season, despite her rather lackluster personality!The last show for me was Tadashi Shoji, Friday at noon.  The tents were feeling a little more quiet although there were several more shows scheduled.  Tadashi Shoji was an interesting Asian inspired and designed line.  The current Miss USA was at the show.  This line was simple but really attractive.  The dresses were interesting in that some of the designs looked like pieces of broken glass were applied to the fabric along the bottom.  Another effective look was a flapper dress with silver and gold chains used to get the “flapper” effect.  This was also done on a skirt and top as well.   There were several skirts with a pleated paper-bag effect at the waist that were so pretty and ladylike.  There was a short and knee length version and it was paired with a simple racer-back tee.  The main color was a cream with shots of bright blue, acid green and gray.  As with the other lines I saw, Tadashi did an electric blue halter “romper”.   For grown women you ask?  I think not!I had an amazing, exciting and totally exhausting time in New York.  The spectacle of fashion week is truly an unforgettable experience. Will I go next year?  I’m not sure, I’ll keep you posted! 

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