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Top Ten Reasons To Use an Image Consultant

1. Black has always been your favourite color. Now you see beautiful colors in the stores, magazines and on your friends and you would like to start expressing yourself with new color choices.
2. The “outer you” doesn’t reflect the “inner you”… you dress like a Plain Jane but you have a showgirl personality that is dying to break out.
3. You have a closet stuffed with clothes but have trouble putting together an outfit for work.
4. The last time you took a trip, you took 18 pairs of shoes.
5. You’re coming up on a Big “0″ birthday (40, 50, 60, …) and you want to look fabulous.
6. You’ve heard that the correct size bra can make you look 10 pounds thinner and 5 years younger.
7. You’re still wearing the same hairstyle and makeup that you did in high school.
8. Your company is sending you to Asia for an important meeting and you need to know correct etiquette and customs.
9. You’re a busy career woman/mom/wife who needs to shop for a new wardrobe but doesn’t know where to begin.
10. Your hair color, body shape, lifestyle have changed in the past few years and you need advice on how to look your best RIGHT NOW!

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