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A Tale of Two Skirts.

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Those of you who read my blog last week knew about the Marimekko and Banana Republic collaboration launching last week.  Being the fashionista that I am, I logged onto the Banana Republic site on Tuesday afternoon (a perk of being a BR cardholder ) to order a skirt from the collection.  Much to my dismay, my coveted skirt was SOLD OUT online!   I was devastated.  This is no ordinary skirt, it is THE Kivet Print patio skirt .   I placed an online order sans the patio skirt and hoped for the best when the stores opened on Thursday morning…

The coveted Kivet Patio Skirt

The coveted Kivet Patio Skirt

A little background, the Kivet Print patio skirt was the hottest item in the collection, especially since Jamie Chung was spotted in LA wearing it with black pumps, a red clutch and a matching Kivet print sweater.   That sent every fashionista, stylist and celeb wannabe,  into an all out frenzy.

Jamie Chung in the Kivet Patio Skirt and Sweater

Jamie Chung in the Kivet Patio Skirt and Sweater

Come Thursday morning at 9:40 am, I secure the 1st spot in line at the entrance to the Grant St., S.F., Banana Republic store (those of you who know me personally, know that I am a freakishly punctual person, so, naturally, I was in the garage waiting at 9:15 am).   I could see the collection through the windows and was trying to see the location of the Patio skirt.    People start to line up behind me.  I should note here, that I lived in NYC for 10 years, so don’t EVEN try to cut me in line!

BR outside

After waiting for what seems like forever, they open the doors at 10:03.  I frantically weave through the other shoppers, only to arrive to the rack with only 2 items on it, a size 2 and a size 0.   “What to do, what to do”, I think to myself.  I end up procuring a size 0 which, unfortunately, is nowhere close to my size 8 figure.

After milling around the store for a bit, I meet a very disappointed gal who needs a size 0.  We cajoled a salesperson with at 4 to give it to me, while I gave my size 0 to a very grateful company employee/fellow shopper.  I was getting closer to my 8.  I tried on the 4 and big surprise, it’s too small.  I decide that my talented seamstress with be able to let out the pleats in the back to transform a 4 into an 8.  I buy the 4 along with a few other cute pieces and hang around a bit.  Hey, 20 years in retail had to teach me something, right?  I spot a salesperson with a 10 and 12 heading for the fitting rooms.  The size 12 fits the customer who reserved them, so I snatch the 10 from the shocked salesperson and it’s MINE!  It’s still not an 8, but only one size off.  I leave the store with 2 patio skirts (size 4 and 10), feeling victorious!

Later that day, I post to for a trade and come up short…no one has an 8.  Meanwhile I get many offers for my 4, as I clearly state that without an 8, I’m keeping the 10.  Then it hits me, eBay!  I list the $98 skirt for $100 starting bid, with a $250 “Buy Me Now” price.  I can hardly believe it, but two hours later, I have a notification that my skirt has been purchased at $250.  Let me say that again, $250!  I am beyond ecstatic as I contemplate someone buying a $98 skirt for $250.  I am at a loss as I think to myself,  ”this is a CRAZY business”.

I’d love to hear if anyone else was lucky enough to get the Kivet Patio skirt.   Tell me your story!

Milly teams up with Banana Republic

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

I love the trend of high end designers teaming up with lower end retailers…Target and Missoni and Roberto Cavalli (and many more), Karl Lagerfeld and Doo Ri for Macy’s and H&M with Marni and Lanvin.  Isaac Mizrahi kicked it off in 2002 with his historic and long running collabortion with Target.   These match-ups seem to serve both ends of the partnership well.  The designer has access to a customer base that cannot afford their higher priced line, and the retailer gets exposure to a higher end customer,  who is introduced to their stores or websites.  It’s a win-win for all.

0510trina-turk-banana-republic1_fa 2012

Trina Turk for BR, Summer 2012

Banana Republic teamed up with designer Trina Turk last summer for a colorful collection of summer pieces.  I thought they did a great job of interpreting her asthetic for BR!  It seems the trend continues as BR gets ready to introduce their latest collaboration with Milly by Michelle Smith.  Milly is one of my favorite lines and I’ve been lucky enough to see their shows at New York fashion week several seasons.   The regular Milly line is carried at Neiman Marcus and Saks in their San Francisco stores.


The collection is inspired by the Hamptons and uses fresh colors and prints and really nails that laid back summer vibe.  Here are a few of the women’s collection pieces…

PicMonkey-Collage-424x358 BR Milly

Milly for Banana Republic, Summer 2013

This capsule collection hits Banana Republic stores on May 30, 2013, and there’s a great men’s collection as well.  I am sure people will be lined up for this, so don’t miss your chance to travel to the posh Hamptons without leaving your own zip code!

PS-  The next collaboration BR has up their sleeve is with Brit designer Daniella Helayer of ISSA London, a favorite line of both Cate & Pippa Middleton, set for an August 6th launch.

For more information, special launch and store hours click here

2011 Oscar Dresses!!!

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Well, the Oscars have all been given out and the parties are over.  There certainly were some surprises and some predictable outcomes.  I think the real drama took place on the red carpet!  I attended my friend’s annual ”Dis the Dress Party” and we certainly did our share of ‘dissin and dishin’!

Overall, I think the dress choices were really strong.  Nude seemed to be the color of the night, with a large number of actresses wearing it: Hailee Steinfeld, Halle Berry,  Mandy Moore, Hilary Swank, with Michelle Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman opting for white.  Red and bright orange  also seemed to be a popular choice with Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Hudson and Penelope Cruz wearing it.

jennifer-hudson-on-the-red-carpet.jpg         sandra-bullock-on-the-red-carpet.jpg        anne-hathaway-at-the-oscars.jpg              

There were also some different shades of wine, plum and lavender.  Best actress winner Natalie Portman wore a beautiful wine colored Rodarte dress that really flattered her pregnant figure.  Mila Kunis wore a lacey lavender Elie Saab that my 13 year old daughter loved, but I was luke warm on.  Cate Blanchett wore a very architectural lavender Givenchy Couture dress that was a beautiful color but seemed to overpower her small frame.

 natalie-portman-at-the-oscars.jpg      mila-kunis-on-the-carpet.jpg       scarlett-johansson.jpg                

Scarlett Johansson also wore a wine hued lace Dolce & Gabanna column gown that was attractive, but didn’t blow me away.  Reece Witherspoon, Helena Bonham Carter and Dame Helen Mirren all wore black or in Mirren’s case a gunmetal gray.  Both Witherspoon in Giorgio Armani Prive, and Mirren in Vivienne Westwood looked amazing, age appropriate and comfortable.  Bonham Carter was in costume more than couture and we have come to expect it, after the mismatched shoes at the Golden Globes!

 reece-witherspoon-at-the-oscars.jpg      dame-helen-mirren.jpg

Ok, my top picks for the night?  I absolutely loved Michelle Williams in Chanel!  She glowed and looked so angelic and ethereal!


I also adored Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein.  I thought the dress looked so great on her figure and I loved that so many actresses opted for some kind of sleeve!  The dress gave the illusion of flowing water…


I really thought that Mandy Moore’s choice of a Monique Lhuillier sequined gown was beautiful.  You couldn’t tell where the sleeves started and ended.  Her hair was done beautifully and she looked picture perfect!


I think my all time favorite look was on the youngest nominee last night.  I could not believe how wonderful Hailee Steinfeld looked!  Everything about her was age appropriate, classic yet young, sophisticated yet fun!  She helped design her Marchesa gown and she seemed to float down the red carpet!


Some misses for me were the ‘napkin’ dress on Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter’s costume, Florence Welch’s (lead singer of Florence and the Machine) Valentino tiered dress and Penelope Cruz in L’Wrenn Scott.  My all time worst dressed choice was Heidi Klum in an awful ‘mirror mosaic’ dress with her hair gelled to within an inch of it’s life…AWFUL!!

  florence-welch-at-the-oscars.jpg          helena-bonham-carter.jpg     heidi-klum.jpg        

 penelope-cruz.jpg            nicole-kidman-at-the-oscars.jpg      

Please let me know what you loved and hated…c’mon don’t be shy…’dis the dress!!!