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Top 10 Reasons I Loved BlogHer14

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I just returned (well, 4 days ago) from the BlogHer14 conference in San Jose, CA.  It was my first time there (newbie) and I felt a bit intimidated at first, but not enough to forgo this opportunity to learn more about writing and blogging.  As I mentioned in my last post, I went at the urging of Nancy Davis Kho of Midlife Mixtape, my literary inspiration and talked Amy Roseveare, of Jewelry Fashion Tips, into going and being my roommate.  In no particular order, here is my top 10 list of reasons I was happy I went.

10.  It was an opportunity to be away from my family.  OK, that doesn’t sound very nice, does it.  I LOVE my kids and husband like crazy, but sometimes it’s really nice to experience life as a 1, not part of a 2 (husband) or 4 (husband and kids).  It was exciting to be going to a place where the women and a few men spoke a language unique to writing and blogging.

9.  It was an opportunity to spend time with my people.  Having a BlogHer alumni to show me the way, tell me to sign up for the FB group and what were the not to be missed parts of the conference was invaluable.  Nancy got me excited and took me under her wing, introducing me to wonderful women who made everything more fun.  My roommate, friend and colleague Amy gave me a sense of belonging and saved me from sitting alone in most of the breakout sessions.  It felt like college all over again, since Nancy and Tarja at The Flying Chalupa, were in the very next room at our hotel.

8.  I loved the energy of 2500+ women and a smattering of men of all ages, colors, sizes, sexual preferences, writing styles and levels of blogging success.  Every time I sat down at a table for a meal or a speaker, everyone was so darn friendly, I LOVED that.  Where else can you go where people are genuinely excited to meet and talk to you?  Don’t answer that, but for me that place was BlogHer.

7.  The keynote speakers were amazing!  From Tig Nataro, to Kerry Washington, to Arianna Huffington, these women  are heavyweights in their respective fields.  Tig Nataro was hilarious, self deprecating and her delivery was dry as a bone.  I’d never heard of her before Blogher, but she is surely on my radar now.  Arianna Huffington’s message about getting enough sleep and not gloryifing being busy really resonated with me.  She was a font of clichés and quotable sound bites.  Kerry Washington was real, unapologetic about protecting her privacy and very well spoken.  These women were inspiring.

6.  There were a lot of great outfits.  OK people, I’m a fashion/style blogger, of course I am going to comment on the clothing!  Here are  a few of my favorites:

BH outfit 1 BH outfit 2 BH outfit 3 BH outfit 5 BH outfit 4

5.  Finding a sticker on my mirror that said “You’ve never looked better”.  Whether or not it was true, I appreciated the vote of confidence.  In addition, there were stickers left to bring home that said “I’m enough”, a wonderful sentiment indeed.  Aforementioned stickers were part of the marketing campaign for a new band called The Mrs. with a single coming out called…you guessed it, Enough.

BH selfie

4.  Voices of The Year (VOTY).  This is BlogHer’s version of the Oscars.  Pieces are submitted and chosen to be recognized at the Friday night reception.  I was so proud that one of Nancy Kho’s pieces was chosen, although not everyone honored gets to read theirs.  The honesty and heart with which these women wrote such personal stories, was so incredibly inspiring to me.  Tears flowed freely as each one was read.  Lisa Rae Page Rosenberg at Smacksy read hers last and I believe it was my favorite, sniff, sniff. You won’t regret clicking her link and reading it for yourself, promise.

Nancy Davis Kho

Nancy Davis Kho

3.  I got a whole lotta new ideas, apps, contacts and a very long to-do list.  That’s why you go to conferences, right?  You want to be better; to write better, to take better pictures, to learn about the latest and greatest buzz in the biz.  BlogHer delivered and I’d  be looking forward to implementing what I learned if I wasn’t so busy  (oops, sorry Arianna).

2.   Dancing at the closing party to Reverend Run from Run DMC.  I think this was a high point for most of us over the age of 35, or anyone that likes 80′s dance music.  The dance floor was a sea of women dancing, grooving and singing every word.  The 1 hour set was way too short and left us wondering what happened.  But that 1 hour was one helluva good time!


Rev Run at closing party

Rev Run at closing party


1.  Coming home to my +1 (husband) and +3 (husband + 2 kids).  I always say the best part of vacation is coming home, and I was sure happy to see my family after the 5 days I was away.  I missed them and I know they missed me too.

Thank you for a great time BlogHer14!

Blogher 14

Take YOUR Personal Style to BlogHer ’14!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

I am about to leave for a 3 day blogging conference in San Jose, CA.  I am going with my friend and Midlife Mixtape author Nancy Kho and friend and colleague Amy Roseveare, author of Jewelry Fashion Tips. Stop by their blogs and give them some BlogHer love.   Nancy is a seasoned veteran of BlogHer and has been my go to person for questions, concerns and advice for newbies like me.  It was at her urging, that I decided to weigh in on dressing for BlogHer.

Blogher 14

BlogHer 14 has a Facebook page that many of us have joined and the MOST asked question by far is “what do I wear???  Normally, I would jump all over this question!  I am a Personal Shopper and get paid for helping people with their wardrobes.  After reading tons of entries over the last few weeks, I came up with advice and guidance to answer that ‘what to wear’ question.  I’m not going to offer packing tips, Pinterest boards, Polyvore sets or trend advice, but some thoughtful guidelines on how to dress for BlogHer or any other intimidating and new situation.

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else”.  I love this quote by Judy Garland and have repeated it many times.  Dress like and for yourself, not for someone else.  I have read countless posts about feeling scared, unsure and downright out of place, coming to BlogHer for the first time.  I am inspired by how many people have said to dress comfortably and in what you feel most powerful and confident in.  This is the very same advice I give to my clients.  If I am not taking their personality, lifestyle and spirit into consideration when choosing items, then the clothes we buy together will go to waste.  Buying clothes that aren’t ‘you’ is the equivalent of buying a new couch and leaving it in the attic; neither will ever see the light of day.


Be a first rate version


Are you artistic, flamboyant and outgoing?  Wear color!  Are you a bit shy and reserved, not wanting to stand out in the crowd?  That’s OK, wear more subtle understated colors and clothing!  Don’t like the way jeans fit your frame?  Wear A line skirts and dresses!  There is a solution for everyone.

Remember, personal style is not static.  Are you the same writer you were 5, 10, 15 years ago?  Probably not.  In that same way, our own personal style changes, grows and morphs as we make our way in the world.  No need to go all out dressing up if you spend most of your working hours in the comfort of a home office.  It’s not necessary to buy lovely dry clean only separates with babies or toddlers around.  Dress for your life today, don’t worry about where it will be next month, year or decade.  Celebrate where you are now.

My BFF has a picture of me circa 1999 in a pair of pale blue linen overalls!  She uses it in loving way to remind me of where I came from.  At that time I was a new mother to boy/ girl twins.  You could say I was overwhelmed and sleep deprived and that would be the understatement of the year!  The fact that the overalls were easy to clean, supposed to be wrinkled (they were linen after all) and could be easily undone for nursing, made them a slam dunk in my wardrobe.  Would I wear them now?  Most likely not, but my life has changed a lot since then.  My kids are going to be high school juniors this fall, so parks, playgrounds, dirty diapers and sippy cups are a distant memory.

My linen overalls.  I hated to get rid of them.

My linen overalls. I hated to get rid of them.


Having spent the whole of my career in the fashion/ retail industry, my style has grown and changed accordingly.  Spending time in NY covering Fashion Week (talk about stressful packing), requires a very different mindset and wardrobe than driving a carload of teens to the movies.  No matter what I wear with my teens, I will never look cool enough, young enough or hip enough.  Here’s the rub, I don’t want to!  I dress for my age, figure, budget, husband, girlfriends, but most of all, I DRESS FOR MYSELF!  So as you fellow BlogHer 14 attendees are scrambling to pack, do last minute errands, get manis and pedis, remember, whatever you have on will be the perfect outfit for YOU!

And if happen to notice you in overalls  (BTW, they are very on trend right now ), you will get an understanding, accepting and admiring nod from moi!