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What the heck do I wear???

It’s the same time every year, so why am I always so surprised when I have to decide what to wear???  I am referring to the annual AICI (Assn. of Image Consultants Int’l) 3 day Education Conference I attend each January.  This is a wonderful, informative, action packed couple of days that sends your mind into overdrive by the time you leave on Sunday evening.  The San Francisco chapter of AICI sponsors this conference and I NEVER miss it!  I have been a member of AICI sine 2005, received my FLC (first level certification) in 2007 and my CIP (certified image professional) certification in 2009.  In order to maintain this certification you have to earn CEU’s on a regular basis, which is only ONE reason I go so religiously.

The only part of the weekend that stresses me out is when I go to put my outfits together for each day.  This is a great looking group, let me just say!!!  The only other comparison I can make is when I have to pack for NY Fashion Week…YIKES, that is stressful.  I’m sure you’ve heard it said that ‘women dress for women, not men’.  I definitely agree with that.  The vast majority of the attendees are women, and there are usually only one or two men (sorry fellas).  I definitely dress for the women I will be encountering over the weekend.  These are wonderful women that are mentors, colleagues and friends.  You’d think I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by the prospect of packing for this weekend.

My rack with "potential" outfits

I start planning the outfits in my mind at least a month beforehand.  I re-work and edit along the way and then the week before, I take out my trusty rolling rack and start coordinating.  You might think this is strange behaviour from someone who makes a living dressing people…and it is!  After trying on all possible outfits, I tweak them and substitute pieces where necessary.  By the time the conference starts, I’ve put aside all possible doubts and settled into the fun and camaraderie the weekend brings.

Oh boy, better start planning for next year…


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