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Best summer shoes…ever!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

For those of you who went to high school in the 70′s…this one’s for you!  The uniform back then was bell bottom jeans with a tight fitting polyester button front top tucked in to the jeans, maybe a belt, maybe not. Add to that the requisite Dorothy Hamill haircut… think that 70′s show and you know what I mean!  I can almost hear Billy Joel’s album “The Stranger” playing in the background. 

The footwear of choice was a pair of natural toned platform wedge sandals.  The sandal was KORK-EASE!  These sandals were the real deal.  I didn’t own these, as they were too expensive on my meager babysitting earnings.  I had a knockoff pair that myself and my 2 other sisters had to dutifully pass around between us.  As you might imagine, this caused a lot of hair pulling and name calling.

Here’s the good news…these sandals are still around!  The cost is a bit steeper ($40 in the 70′s vs. $135 in 2011), but the sandal is the same!!!  I bought these back in the spring with so much anticipation, I can’t tell you.  I got them in the mail from the Korkease website and I was like a kid on Christmas morning!  I could run a marathon in these babies!  Below are the traditional style called AVA, and the slope of the wedge is so slight that you hardly even notice it…

For those of you with younger backs and feet, I love the BETTE.  A little more lift and more slope to the shoe…

Kork-ease is a Brooklyn based company that has been around since 1953.  From their website:

“Turn the clocks to the 1970s, and you couldn’t turn the corner of any street without seeing someone wearing a pair of Kork-Ease sandals. Many brands tried to copy our sandals, but none could adequately duplicate our style or success.

The Original Kork-Ease Wedge has been immortalized in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Landmark Shoe Collection – an honor bestowed to only 25 styles of footwear all-time.”

The great thing about Korkease sandals is that they have other styles that are so fun and wearable.  These sandals never seem to wear out and they develop a ‘weathered’  look that can only be acquired with time.   I love the BEATRICE as well:

Does anyone remember these shoes?  Comment about these shoes and any other trends you remember from the 70′s, I’d love to hear from you!  I love that some things don’t get replaced with newer, better, faster, etc.  You can’t really improve on a classic, can you?